About me:

Im Chilean creative (Art) with 7 years of experience working in networks like DDB, GREY and Y&R. I moved to NY 2 years ago where I being working in Area 23 (FCB Health) and so far this is the most exciting experience of my life, face the challenges of move to a different country from the Consumer to the Healthcare market, learn a new language and adapt my creative thinking to a new culture full of new insights is being a really exhilarating process.

So far my work has been recognized in several international advertising awards like Cannes Lions, D&AD, LIA, Clio's, and El Ojo de Iberoamerica. Some things that i'm really happy about the last year was being shortlisted for the Grand Prix for Good at Cannes Lions Healthcare and being selected to be part of the Grand Jury of the New York Festivals 2018 (Product design)


ACD-ART / Area23, NY

Senior Art Director / Area 23, NY

Senior Art Director / Y&R, Chile

Art Director / GREY, Chile

Art Director / DDB, Chile

Other recognition's:

New York Festival / Grand Jury (Product Design) - See article

1 Lürzers Archive / Best CGI 2016

2 Lürzers Archive / Best 200 Illustrations

8 Lürzers Archive Published



New York Post


The Fast Company

The Drum





Latin Spots




Posts into Letters

Silver - Cannes Lions PR
Silver - Cannes Lions Print & Publishing / Innovation
Bronze - Cannes Lions Direct
7 Shortlist - Cannes Lions PR/Direct/Media/Sustainable Development Goals
2 Wood Pencils - D&AD Impact

Rape Tax

Silver - Cannes Lions Direct
Bronze - Cannes Lions Print & Publishing
Bronze - Cannes Lions Glass: The Lion for Change
Shortlist - Cannes Lions Health & WellnessGoals
1 Graphite Pencil - D&AD Impact
1 Gold - LIA’S

Anti Trafficking Exam

White Pencil - D&AD Impact
Gold Lion - Cannes Lions Pharma
Silver Lion - Cannes Lions Health And Wellness
Bronze Glass Lion - Cannes Lions Glass
Bronze Lion - Cannes Lions Outdoor
Shortlist - Cannes Lions Health / Grand Prix for Good
Shortlist - Cannes Lions Innovation
Shortlist - Cannes Lions Direct
Gold - One Show / Health Innovation
Bronze - One Show / Product Design
Bronze - One Show / Physical Product
Merit - One Show / Outdoor
Merit - One Show / Experiential
Bronze - LIA / Innovation - Health & Wellness
Gold - Clio's Healthcare / Innovation
Silver - Clio's Healthcare / Audio
Silver - Clio's Healthcare / Direct
Bronze - Clio's Healthcare / Design

Melanoma Monsters

Bronze - Cannes Lions Pharma / Illustration
Merit - One Show / Print & Outdoor
Gold - Clio Health / Print / Illustration

Clean Braille

Shortlist - Cannes Lions / Promo & Activation
Merit - One Show / Print & Outdoor

Movie Scene Repetition

GRAND PRIX - El Ojo de Iberoamerica / Crafting
Gold - El ojo de Iberoamerica / Illustration
Gold - El ojo de Iberoamerica / Crafting
Silver (Campaign) - El Ojo de Iberoamerica / Press
Shortlist - Cannes Lions / Press
Shortlist - Cannes Lions / Press - Photography
Shortlist - Cannes Lions / Outdoor
Shortlist - Cannes Lions / Outdoor - Art Direction


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