I’m a Creative with 8 years of experience in Advertising. I started my career in Chile when I worked in some of the most important network as DDB, GREY and Y&R. I moved to New York 3 years ago starting working at Area 23 an FCB Company and currently I’m working as an ACD at GREY NEW YORK. Moving to New York changed the way I saw the world and the way I used to understand ideas and communication in general, i was able to reinvent myself and explore areas of thinking and executing ideas completely new for me at the time. I slowly made a transition between being focused in the shape and the art/design of the ideas to a more functional and experiential aspect of them, now most of the time I love to explore ideas that involve some kind of solution or that have some kind of action in the live of the people who interact with the idea/brand/product. I truly believe that creativity and ideas have the power to change the realities and the way we lived, and that power is worth to be used for good.