Posts Into Letters / Change The Ref.


The leaders of the gun control movement, student survivors of the Parkland, FL, school shooting, compelled people to turn their ineffective social media posts about gun control into effective letters for Congress. These letters were written in the handwriting of Joaquin, one of their classmates who was killed in the Parkland shooting.



Short film about the origins of the project and the community behind it.



The Rape Tax / Nova.


9 out of 10 victims of rape are billed an average of US$1,000 for the medical costs associated with their assault. To make this injustice visible, we invited victims to share the story of their through our digital platform. And then turned their stories into hospital bills, to prove victims have already paid enough.



The bills with real victim’s stories became media, promoting a legal way for them to be free of these costs.



Sugar Free /


What to do when you have a small budget and the media plan is limited to 15 sec per video?. No problem! just make it fun ;) and work with an amazing studio like BELIEVE.TV



Anti-trafficking Exam / Polaris.


We transformed an existing device, the standard-issue otoscope (the instrument inserted into the ear during an examination) into the first ever tool to diagnose human trafficking. By invisibly installing audio technology inside the casing, we could play a discreet rescue message directly into the victim’s ear. And, because most victims of trafficking don’t speak English, we recorded it in several key languages—accessible at the click of a button.


For the first time, doctors could covertly communicate with patients and confirm their suspicions of human trafficking, and then work with the anti-trafficking organization, Polaris, to get them the support they need to start a new life. Data collected is being used to prevent more vulnerable people from becoming modern-day slaves.



Smart Loves Problems /


The challenge was creating a new global communicational platform for IBM, to help the brand to communicate in a more human and insightful way. The result was a simple and powerful articulation grounded in one of the most powerful insights about technology. Without a problem, there is no innovation. It's human nature to hate problems, but why is that? Problems inspire us to push the world forward.



Free your spirit /
Sol Beer.


Sol beer stand for the brave, for the Unconventional ways to live life, and encourage people to follow their dreams, don’t matter what they are. Because If you believe in something, you have to go all the way.

We created a series of short films featuring what we called “Local Heroes”. People that created their own path and discovered their passions in unexpected places, individuals that redefined the idea of success. We use these stories to empower the young generations and show them that they are not alone, there are people out there that faced the same struggles and fears.

*The script and VO are translations based on the original versions in Spanish.



The Clean Braille /


We replaced the fixed, raised dots that make up the braille signage with very small ball-bearings that release hand sanitizer when a finger rolls over them. This simple, time-tested mechanical process is similar to the way a ball-point pen works to release ink. We plan on making “The Clean Braille” available as an open source project, so that anyone has the ability to produce the signs correctly, without the need to pay for intellectual property rights. The Clean Braille is a novel evolution of traditional braille signage.


Working with the Global Unilever Lifebuoy Handwashing Behavior Change Programme, the aim is to provide clean braille signs to schools for the blind around the world.



Secrets In The City / Trailer.


Inspired by the well-known case of Viña del Mar psychopaths police happened in the first half of the 1980s, the story begins in the summer of 1981 and is developed from two edges: from the police investigation and media coverage around the case.



Emma /
Stomp The Bullying.


We created Emma to visualize what happens to a teenage brain being bullied. She is an AI platform designed to process and react to bullying like a teenage brain. processing thousands of real bullying comments on social media every second. And every hateful message sparked an effect in Emma’s system mimicking the effect on a human brain.



Each passing hour, they could see impact of cyberbullying on the brain in real time. After processing more than 150,000 hateful messages for over 52 hours, Emma’s system was overrun. 



Overdose Stoper / Harm Reduction Center.


Fentanyl test strips have existed for years. But users refuse to use them because they add another step to the process of getting their hit. And they can only detect fentanyl. When a drug user draws a lethal dose into the Overdose Stopper, a reagent patch changes color to inform the user of any contaminant. A sticker on the syringe asks users to Look Before You Shoot—a moment’s pause with the potential to save thousands.

The Overdose Stopper is the first-ever syringe with a built-in detection system for dangerous contaminants, turning the very object that was delivering death by overdose into a life-saving device.



Melanoma Monsters /
Mollie’s Fund.


Moles can be small, innocuous blemishes on the skin. They can also be the first signs of melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer. Unlike many other cancers, the signs of melanoma are often readily visible, and many can be detected by a patient skin self-examination (SSE). When detected and treated early enough, melanoma is almost always curable..



Scene Repetition /
Video on Demand.


For the launch of VTR Cable's VideoOnDemand service, iconic movies clearly recognized by the target audience were worked on to showcase the process involved in the repetition of scenes again and again that is possible to do with VideoOnDemand



HT Can be Diagnosed /
Heal Trafficking.


Globally, there are an estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking, with around 60,000 enslaved in the US. Our research revealed that over 68% will see a healthcare professional during their captivity. But without a way to escape their captor’s watchful eyes during treatment, victims can’t reveal their exploitation and the source of their suffering.



+ Print campaigns.


Collection of print campaigns that I created during my career across different clients, agencies and markets.